Dripping in Gold

For those of you that have read my blog before, it’s no big reveal that I love neutral colours & in particular nude.

It’s most definitely my summer version of black and I am in it all the time!  

I love to wear gold jewellery as it compliments the neutral tones I wear perfectly. 

Little details such as accessories and jewellery are key to your look. 

You’d be surprised how adding a necklace or some rings can completely make the difference to giving your outfit that extra pop. 

I paired my satin gold slip dress and choker with my delicate gold jewellery from Jewellery Box.

As I mentioned in my last post, Jewellery Box UK is my go-to shop for genuine silver and gold jewellery pieces <3

They are super affordable and have such a wide range of gorgeous jewellery. 

I am obsessed with stacking rings at the moment so ordered a selection of different cute designs.

They’re also perfect for gifts for friends as they come in the cutest packaging. 

I love the gold heels on these tan boots!!

Slip dress & choker: Azelle Collection 

Jewellery: JewelleryBox 

Boots: Public Desire 

This post is in collaboration with Jewellery Box 

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Create yourself

Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.

I’m not usually one for a cheesy quote, but I saw this the other day and I just loved it. It’s so true.

To me it means, you can be whoever you want to be and do whatever you want to do, it’s all within you.

We are capable of nearly anything that we set our mind to.

I particularly liked the quote because it was really my way of thinking coming into 2016. There is no point waiting for things to come to you, you need to work hard and actively pursue your dreams.

This is me pursuing mine.

Casual look:

T-shirt: Missguided (sold out)

Checked shirt: Missguided

Shorts: Missguided

Trainers: Zara

How to style a Bardot

Heads up – Bardot tops are where it’s at this summer!

Simple and comfortable, these style tops are the perfect way to dress for the heat in the coming months.

The off the shoulder top is feminine and adds a grace of elegance to your outfit.

This particular gorgeous red lace number is cropped, so I paired with some high waisted jeans. It would also go perfectly with a high waisted skirt or denim shorts.

I am so glad chokers have come into my life and especially this one from Lamoda. It’s amazing how such a small accessory can transform the look and feel of what you’re wearing completely.

For me it’s about maintaining an edge to my look, as my style has never been super feminine so it contrasts perfectly with lace and girly tops.

Mules are also set to be a must have this season. Comfortable and stylish, they are the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Bardot top: Sold out

Similiar: Missguided

Black jeans: Missguided

Choker: Lamoda

Mules: Missguided

Handbag: Missguided

Lady on-the-go

I feel like I have literally been non-stop on-the-go for the past few months. Living and/or working in London is amazing, but it can also be super stressful!

Some people like to constantly be busy and doing things, and whilst I do love it I can also easily happily spend my days relaxing and not doing much at all without feeling like I am wasting my time.

They key is to find a happy balance of work, play and you time which we so often neglect. 

I love to spend a bit of time on my own, listening to music and pondering life, whether it is sitting on a long train journey, relaxing in a hot bath or being in bed. It is a time that I find I am most creative and can come up with exciting ideas and plans and literally recharge my battery so to speak.

Tips for all you busy bees:  

– Spend at least one evening or afternoon by yourself a week, even if it is only popping out for a walk in the park  

– Try and get over FOMO (fear of missing out)- it can be tiring attending every social occasion you ever hear about!  

–  Time is precious so choose how you spend it wisely. I realised in the past couple of years I used to meet up with people I didn’t even really like that much – what’s the point?! I’d honestly rather have fewer close friends than spread myself thinly and have more fake friends

– Don’t tire yourself out to the point where you are not yourself. Relax. Take a spa break. Have some time off just to do NOTHING – it’s bloody wonderful

My outfit I am wearing for this post is a perfect on-the-go outfit. It is nice and comfy but still smart, and can easily switch from smart to instant casual completely dependent on the footwear.

Nude bodysuit: Pretty Little Thing

Black culottes: Pretty Little Thing

Fringed heels: Pretty Little Thing


This bank holiday just gone I ate some really good food.

I came across Oliver Maki – a few month old Japanese restaurant in Soho.

I can safely say it is for sure a new favourite of mine, the prices were reasonable for (amazing) sushi, the décor was lovely and the service was excellent.

The menu’s are on an iPad, 2016 and all that…

Some of the dishes I had to name a few included:

– Tuna and salmon tartar

– Shrimp tacos

– Spicy tuna rolls

– Volcano rolls (soft shell crab)

– Yellowtail and jalapeno sashimi

– Green tea tiramisu



Bein’ nude, feelin’ crude

Contrary to my post title, I am not literally being nude or feeling crude I’m afraid, so apologies if that’s why you’re still reading ha… 

I think it is now clear to anyone that sees my posts that I most certainly have an obsession with nude. It’s literally like the summer version of black for me, I feel comfortable in it and I find it flattering.

I love an all nude outfit, but it also works really well with a colour pop like red. I am also wearing Mac ‘Lady Danger’ lipstick with lip liner in Chestnut. 

Get the look –

These shoes are insane, I couldn’t believe it when I found them. They are almost identical to the £490 Aquazurra wild thing heels!! See them here if you don’t believe me!

Couldn’t resist this fluffy clutch when I saw it. I didn’t use to be a big fan of faux fur but I’ve actually really grown to like it. Fluffy accessories are a key trend this season. Opt for a colourful fur clutch or a fur pom pom bag accessory to add something a little extra to your outfit.   

My whole look for this post is Pretty Little Thing <3

Shop now:

Ribbed bodysuit: Pretty Little Thing

Leather skort: Pretty Little Thing

Red fringed heels: Pretty Little Thing

Fluffy clutch: Pretty Little Thing

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