Surprise New Years Eve trip to Amsterdam!

New Years in Amsterdam!

So this New Years eve I had absolutely no idea what I was doing as my boyfriend had planned everything, and on Christmas day he handed me a big black box with a masquerade mask in and some tickets to Amsterdam!

We stayed for 4 days at the amazing 5* Hotel Sofitel the Grand right in the centre and had just the best time ever!

On New Years eve we spent the night at the hotel and experienced our first ever masquerade ball. It was such a beautiful grand hotel and the ball was amazing, everyone was really dressed up and you weren’t allowed in unless you were wearing a mask so it was nice that everyone was in ‘costume’.hotel grand sofitel amsterdamWe also experienced some excellent food – we visited two ‘tasting menu’ restaurants ‘Senses‘ and ‘Envy‘.

Both restaurants consisted of 6+ courses of delicious combinations of flavours and textures.

Our courses from Envy:

( I’ve written below the photo roundabout what was in them if I remember haha)

Oysters with yoghurt, chilli and roasted spring onions.

Mussels and razor clams with a creamy lemon sauce

Salmon paired with a soup inspired by Indian spices

Traditional steak tartare

Braised short rib with jerusalem artichoke and roasted mustard seeds

Mushroom with nori seaweed cracker


Mushroom miso soup

Selection of 6 cheeses with toasted almonds and honey glazed cashew nuts

Cinnamon and poached pear and coffee dessert (delicious!)

Our courses from Senses:

I can’t really explain the texture of what looks like bread – it was like a foamy biscuit and the filling was sun dried tomato and something else I can’t remember.

Each 3 of these little treats were pumpkin based.

Quite literally the most delicious bread and butter I have ever had. The butter, oil and salt was all infused with lemon and I’m not sure what else but it tasted AMAZING!

Salmon with different toppings including seaweed and pickles.

Chicken with roasted chestnuts, parmesan and truffle (my favourite)

Oxcheek with season vegetables

Kaffir lime ice balls

Coffee and hazelnut

Aside from the food the shopping in Amsterdam was also so good. The nine lines were great as they had a lot of independent boutiques and a lot of vintage stores. I managed to find a great oversized denim jacket which I have been looking for all my life.

The high-street is great as well it has literally every single shop you could want.

I also loved the fact that everywhere was walking distance, literally everywhere we wanted to go to was always no more than a 10 minute walk away.

All in all it was an amazing trip and I will certainly be paying a visit to Amsterdam again.

Lastly – I just want to say I’m sorry for the lack in my posting lately, some people may not think it but blogging is actually a super busy job and sometimes things do get a bit much and I can find it hard to keep on top of things. BUT with that said it’s a new year and one of my goals is to make sure I post back to how often I used to, every Wednesday and Sunday. I promise to keep it up too so please keep on supporting and reading as without you guys I wouldn’t be able to be doing my dream job so I thank everyone that takes the time to follow me and read my posts 🙂

Sunday Funday



Sorry for the delay in this post, I usually post every Sunday and Wednesday but had a manic week and missed my mid-week post! I promise to make it up with lots of good new content – I have lots of exciting brands I have been collaborating with that I can’t wait to share with you.

This Saturday just gone I attended the Bloggers Ball, an event in London for around 200 bloggers to network and meet brands from various industries including fashion, beauty, food and technology.

It was so much fun to meet some bloggers and I got some great samples from brands I have shared on my snapchat.  

I share a lot of what I get up to on snapchat, so if you haven’t already be sure to add me: toula_rose

So onto this week’s post…

Yet again, the bomber makes an appearance on my blog.  

I have been obsessed with all things satin and embroidery recently so my heart was stolen when I came across this baby!

Now I promise I’m not just wearing a T-shirt and calling it a dress haha! It was a dress once upon a time but I believe I may have shrunk it – oops!

It’s no secret that lace up’s are a major must have in the shoe wear department. I have loads of heels and ankle boots but these pair from LAMODA are my first knee high pair.

They are so comfy due to the relatively small block heel and really easy to get on thanks to the zip at the back.

Not to mention a complete STYLE STEAL at £17.99! :0

Bomber Jacket: Pretty Little Thing

Dress: H&M


Choker: LAMODA

Sashimi rollin’ they hatin’…

One of my favourite sushi spots in London is Chotto Matte in Soho.

The vibe is great for drinks and/or dinner.

I went the other day after the Bloggers Ball and had such a great meal.

A few dishes I had were:

Tuna and Salmon Tartare

Yellowtail sashimi with jalapeno and truffle soy

Salmon, smoked pepper and seabass rolls

Spicy Tuna Rolls

Wedges with smoked dip

Lady on-the-go

I feel like I have literally been non-stop on-the-go for the past few months. Living and/or working in London is amazing, but it can also be super stressful!

Some people like to constantly be busy and doing things, and whilst I do love it I can also easily happily spend my days relaxing and not doing much at all without feeling like I am wasting my time.

They key is to find a happy balance of work, play and you time which we so often neglect. 

I love to spend a bit of time on my own, listening to music and pondering life, whether it is sitting on a long train journey, relaxing in a hot bath or being in bed. It is a time that I find I am most creative and can come up with exciting ideas and plans and literally recharge my battery so to speak.

Tips for all you busy bees:  

– Spend at least one evening or afternoon by yourself a week, even if it is only popping out for a walk in the park  

– Try and get over FOMO (fear of missing out)- it can be tiring attending every social occasion you ever hear about!  

–  Time is precious so choose how you spend it wisely. I realised in the past couple of years I used to meet up with people I didn’t even really like that much – what’s the point?! I’d honestly rather have fewer close friends than spread myself thinly and have more fake friends

– Don’t tire yourself out to the point where you are not yourself. Relax. Take a spa break. Have some time off just to do NOTHING – it’s bloody wonderful

My outfit I am wearing for this post is a perfect on-the-go outfit. It is nice and comfy but still smart, and can easily switch from smart to instant casual completely dependent on the footwear.

Nude bodysuit: Pretty Little Thing

Black culottes: Pretty Little Thing

Fringed heels: Pretty Little Thing


This bank holiday just gone I ate some really good food.

I came across Oliver Maki – a few month old Japanese restaurant in Soho.

I can safely say it is for sure a new favourite of mine, the prices were reasonable for (amazing) sushi, the décor was lovely and the service was excellent.

The menu’s are on an iPad, 2016 and all that…

Some of the dishes I had to name a few included:

– Tuna and salmon tartar

– Shrimp tacos

– Spicy tuna rolls

– Volcano rolls (soft shell crab)

– Yellowtail and jalapeno sashimi

– Green tea tiramisu



Birthday Weekend

Birthday weekend

It was my Birthday on the 30th April so I thought I would do a little post to share with you what I got up to!

On the Thursday 28th I tried out Gordon Ramsay’s sushi restaurant Maze in Mayfair, London with a few of my friends for an early Birthday celebration.

I have got to say the food was absolutely delicious – I can not recommend the spicy tuna rolls enough!

On the Friday morning I had a lovely brunch in good ol’ Bills in Covent garden.

My watch is the Gold Kensington chain watch from Abbott Lyon.

Get £25 off any watch by using my code ‘TOULAROSE25’ at checkout.

(Please note this code is only valid until 29th May) 


On my actual Birthday I actually had no idea what I was up to – my boyfriend had planned it all.

We went to a cute wildlife park – so we were lucky with the weather as against all weather forecasting odds the sun decided to shine pretty much all day 🙂

After that we turned at up at where we stayed for the night. The stunning 5* Hanbury Manor hotel. I had to use a couple of the photos from the website as my pictures did not do it justice!

We ate at the hotel for lunch and for dinner – the truffled mac and cheese was delicious. I can never resist anything that has truffle as an ingredient.  

Special thanks to the staff for singing me Happy Birthday at dinner much to my embarrassment!

Cute little cup cake and chocolates waiting for me with a card when I got to the room.

Sorry about the lack of fashion related photos! I didn’t take my canon so the quality isn’t great at all.

Check out my instagram to see where this Kim K inspired look is from.

On the Sunday we made the most of the good weather and had a walk around the grounds. They were so beautiful and have little secret gardens and areas to explore.

Finally before heading home we stopped off at a cute little pub and had lunch outside and it was so tasty. Honey and Thyme camembert with garlic prawns and duck spring rolls!

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