Dezzal Online

I am so excited for my blog post today to be focussing on ‘Dezzal Online‘ 

They are one of those brands that when you discover you just get that super excited feeling about and cannot stop browsing all their stuff. 

They have such a large variety of clothes and accessories on their website that are the quality and design of luxury but at a high street price! 

I was spoilt for choice when picking an outfit for this post. 

From stunning floor length gowns, to trendy bombers, or a gorgeous new leather handbag – Dezzal has you covered. 

All I can really say is check out their website and see you for yourself.

I couldn’t resist this Chloe dupe – it’s real suede leather and is such great quality and was under £60! 

The white top is so thick and just feels so well made! It is a total statement piece and something I would wear to a big event like London Fashion Week.

Shop the bag here

Shop the white top here

I loved this satin bomber because of its unusual colour combinations.

I can never resist anything with a rose on because as cliche as it is, it’s my name and I love roses <3 

Shop my bomber here

Autumn is here

Yesterday I did a talk on fashion blogging at the Designer Sample sale and whilst I was there came across this Gillet and fell in love!  

The neutral colour is perfect for fall as it means I can wear it easily over the top of a jumper or even on top of a leather jacket for that extra bit of warmth and style! 

I am thinking of doing another ‘How To” post soon as my posts “How to be a fashion blogger” and “How to do grow your instagram following” were 2 of my most popular posts. 

If there is anything in particular you’d like me write about please let me know in the comments below 🙂 

My bracelet and ring are from a really cool Swedish company called VAGA that specialise in delicate pieces – check them out! 

Dress: Cause A Stir 

Gillet: Designer Sample Sale 

Boots: Public Desire 

Rose blush

I am loving all things suede at the moment so this suede midi skirt was a must have for me when I checked out Missguided’s latest arrivals. 

I paired with a choker bardot top which is still super on trend this season. Flashing those shoulders is the new ‘cleavage’!

Strapless tops are classy with a hint of sex appeal, which is what all women should strive for I think. I’m not a big fan of wearing anything too revealing personally but have nothing against girls that do. We can all weerrrk it wearing whatever we like as long as we feel confident and happy!  

Once again I’m at it with the lace up heels and in suede to match my skirt <3 and I have to admit these are one of my favourite pairs I own. Nude is such an easy colour to wear especially in shoes as they go with pretty much any colour outfit. 

 Bardot top: Missguided 

Skirt: Missguided 

Shoes: Missguided 

Affordable Style

Today’s post is featuring items that are *drum roll* only FIVE POUNDS per item. 

When I came across Everything5Pounds I actually couldn’t believe it. Not only is the price so cheap it rivals Primarni, they have the biggest collection of genuinely nice stuff! 

Dress: Everything5Pounds 

Shoes: Everything5Pounds  

Bag: Everything5Pounds  

Not only is everything only £5, it is actually really good quality and not at all what you’d imagine for that price. The dresses are made from lovely thick material and the shoes are so comfortable. 

How cute are these tasselled shoes? <3

Dress: Everything5Pounds  

Sleeveless jacket: Everything5Pounds 

Shoes: Everything5Pounds 

This post is in collaboration with Everything5Pounds

My hair colour change with Windle & Moodie

I hadn’t had a hair colour change in over 2 years, so I eagerly anticipated my big hair re-vamp at the award winning Windle and Moodie

They weren’t awarded Best London Salon for no reason! & in the heart of covent garden they are a great location. 

I went from a natural brown to a fully fledged member of the ombre gang! Whilst keeping my natural roots for ease and maintenance sake, I had the rest of my hair lightened to an ashy/silver blonde. I wanted to get as close to grey without killing my hair!

I have been blonde many times before and I must say, it feels good to be back. 

My amazing hair colour specialist Jesus used the the best colour treatments for my hair, including the miracle worker Olaplex which literally works miracles and mends your damaged hair. 

Thanks to Jesus’s skills, and the great products at Windle and Moodie I left with amazing smelling and healthy hair! 

Honestly I have never smelt a nicer shampoo than their own products created by Paul and Neil, the founders of the salon. 

Check back tomorrow for my Sunday blog post featuring more pictures with the new hair <3 

Thanks to Windle and Moodie and JWPR