My Fashion Lookbook – my current favourite looks

I thought I would do something different today and share a lookbook of my week’s past looks!

All have literally been worn within the last 7/8 days and differ from dressy to casual sports wear.

One day I can feel like dressing up and the next day all I want to wear is a big baggy jumper and some comfy jeans so my looks are quite different!

fashion blogger lookbook

I absolutely love this tie-dye T-shirt dress from MissPap shop it here

You can get money off anything from their site with my code ‘TOULA10″ and trust me they have some amazing stuff in at the moment! <3

The denim jacket I got in Amsterdam from a vintage store.

The bag of dreams from VVAHandbags 

I literally fell in love with that bag the moment I saw it it’s so beautiful and unique and gorgeous quality.

My jumper dress is from Misspap direct link to it here 

Don’t forget my code TOULA10 gets you money off 🙂

The boots are from Simmi Shoes 

The above dress is a gorgeous red crochet dress from Anita and Green.

I paired it with my favourite comfy jacket at the moment from Misguided. You can shop it from the shop page at the top of my blog page (and also at the bottom of this post I will do a little shop the post of my lookbook in the clickable pictures) 
I I think the above was my favourite outfit of my fashion lookbook from the week, it was so cold and I was going into Central London for a couple of beauty appointments and some dinner with my boyfriend.

The oversized jumper is from a brand called Cats got the cream. 

Jack Wills have just launched their new sportswear and it is so nice! The sports bra is really high impact which is great, especially for girls with bigger boobs will know working out problems! So having a bra that can hold you in place and keep you conformable is great. I also really liked it because even though it provided the support, it is so comfortable! I actually ended up wearing it as a bra the other day because it felt so good. I would definitely go and check out their new stuff > here 

and shop the bra I’m wearing > here 

Band T-Shirts – My favourite outfit choice

For anyone that knows me, they will know that I absolutely love band t-shirts and literally wear them all the time! They have massively come into fashion in the past couple of years, which is such a weird trend but I love it as it means there are so many cool tees readily available to buy so I can add to my collection. acdc band t-shirt dress

Now I know a lot of people wear band t-shirts just because they are a trend, but I genuinely have always loved these tees and believe it or not, when I was a teenager I was massively into the Rock/Metal scene and spent far too much time in Camden at these gigs! Can’t say I was a heavy mosh ‘pitter’ but I was certainly there bopping my little head haha.

Anyhow, I love wearing the tees for a lot of reasons. Firstly, they have a lot of cool designs on them and I love a good ol’ printed t-shirt. Secondly, they are so comfortable. Thirdly, they are so easy to style and instantly make a nice outfit & finally – I love the look you can achieve as a girl wearing a band tee and dressing it up with something like heels or a choker. I love a good contrast look, and would probably say is what my style is the most. Mixing clothes to achieve these contrasts: (old/new) (casual/dressy) (feminine/boyish)

metal band t-shirt

I’ve heard people make comments before about how if you were a true music lover you would only buy the official merch tees. In my response, I do buy a lot of the official merch but there is licensing involved in these brands like Missguided creating ACDC band t-shirts which means there is still some sort of payment to the still existing bands. Also, it’s promotion and support which is great!

band t-shirt/dress

Literally the millisecond I saw these dress on the Missguided site I knew I had to have it. I LOVE it! I’m really sorry for any of you guys that want to buy it as I think it’s sold out even though it was just new in, but I’d definitely keep an eye out as they often restock pieces that were really popular.

I’ve put together a little guide of some of my favourite band t-shirts:


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Also, if you’re a fan of Missguided like me then check out my massive haul and try on of Missguided stuff on my new YouTube channel here 

Surprise New Years Eve trip to Amsterdam!

New Years in Amsterdam!

So this New Years eve I had absolutely no idea what I was doing as my boyfriend had planned everything, and on Christmas day he handed me a big black box with a masquerade mask in and some tickets to Amsterdam!

We stayed for 4 days at the amazing 5* Hotel Sofitel the Grand right in the centre and had just the best time ever!

On New Years eve we spent the night at the hotel and experienced our first ever masquerade ball. It was such a beautiful grand hotel and the ball was amazing, everyone was really dressed up and you weren’t allowed in unless you were wearing a mask so it was nice that everyone was in ‘costume’.hotel grand sofitel amsterdamWe also experienced some excellent food – we visited two ‘tasting menu’ restaurants ‘Senses‘ and ‘Envy‘.

Both restaurants consisted of 6+ courses of delicious combinations of flavours and textures.

Our courses from Envy:

( I’ve written below the photo roundabout what was in them if I remember haha)

Oysters with yoghurt, chilli and roasted spring onions.

Mussels and razor clams with a creamy lemon sauce

Salmon paired with a soup inspired by Indian spices

Traditional steak tartare

Braised short rib with jerusalem artichoke and roasted mustard seeds

Mushroom with nori seaweed cracker


Mushroom miso soup

Selection of 6 cheeses with toasted almonds and honey glazed cashew nuts

Cinnamon and poached pear and coffee dessert (delicious!)

Our courses from Senses:

I can’t really explain the texture of what looks like bread – it was like a foamy biscuit and the filling was sun dried tomato and something else I can’t remember.

Each 3 of these little treats were pumpkin based.

Quite literally the most delicious bread and butter I have ever had. The butter, oil and salt was all infused with lemon and I’m not sure what else but it tasted AMAZING!

Salmon with different toppings including seaweed and pickles.

Chicken with roasted chestnuts, parmesan and truffle (my favourite)

Oxcheek with season vegetables

Kaffir lime ice balls

Coffee and hazelnut

Aside from the food the shopping in Amsterdam was also so good. The nine lines were great as they had a lot of independent boutiques and a lot of vintage stores. I managed to find a great oversized denim jacket which I have been looking for all my life.

The high-street is great as well it has literally every single shop you could want.

I also loved the fact that everywhere was walking distance, literally everywhere we wanted to go to was always no more than a 10 minute walk away.

All in all it was an amazing trip and I will certainly be paying a visit to Amsterdam again.

Lastly – I just want to say I’m sorry for the lack in my posting lately, some people may not think it but blogging is actually a super busy job and sometimes things do get a bit much and I can find it hard to keep on top of things. BUT with that said it’s a new year and one of my goals is to make sure I post back to how often I used to, every Wednesday and Sunday. I promise to keep it up too so please keep on supporting and reading as without you guys I wouldn’t be able to be doing my dream job so I thank everyone that takes the time to follow me and read my posts 🙂

Competition time – A Night in with YooMoo

Today’s post is something a little different to my usual – it’s my first ever competition to be held on my blog so I’m very excited to share it with you guys! I’m currently having an early night in because tomorrow morning I am off super early to the airport for a trip away with my boyfriend for New Years eve (all will be revealed on my blog soon) & what better way to spend it than a night in with YooMoo’s delicious frozen yoghurt and the cutest personalised pyjamas I have ever seen?!

personalised pjs

Winter is a time for indulgence and I’m not going to lie, I’ve been eating just non stop! But what I love about YooMoo is that it’s a guilt free treat as there is a very low amount of fat and has no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners! I love the taste as it’s not sour like a lot of frozen yoghurts are but it’s also not too sweet it’s just right. I know I said it can be guilt free but I may have ruined it slightly by covering mine with cute sweeties haha but I couldn’t resist.

pink cute sundae ice-cream

So if you would like to win you very own hamper with beautiful sundae cups and lots of tasty sweeties to decorate your frozen yoghurt alongside some gorgeous personalised pyjamas with your initials on then follow the below instructions.

pink personalised pyjamas

To enter this competition please comment a heart on this blog post or tweet me with the word YOOMOO & please make sure you are following me on the respective platform you choose to enter via. I will also be posting one of these pictures on instagram so watch out for that and you can enter on there too!



This post is in collaboration with YooMoo frozen yoghurt 🙂

New Years Eve last minute dress ideas

If you are looking for New Years Eve last minute dress ideas then look no further. I’ve put together this post in collaboration with Topshop to give you babes the ultimate inspo for your dresses! From super simple, to glamorous, affordable to price – I’ve got you covered.

All the images are clickable so just click to be directed straight through to the dress in the picture 🙂

Pretty much every dress I’ve linked is currently in the sale 50% off or more so grab yourself a bargain <3

Happy Shopping and have a fabulous New Years!

bodycon toyshop dress

pink bodycon dress

topshop bodycon dress

When I saw this scarf in Topshop I instantly fell in love and could not resist buying it. It is so cute and pink and fluffy I just am obsessed with how pretty it is. I paired it with this pink bodycon dress as I loved the fit of the dress and how the pink tones complemented each other. I always love opting for completely colour matching an outfit as I think it is a total fashion statement and makes you stand out when you are head to toe in one colour.

I like the dress as it has a high neck and sits below your knees so makes me feel quite conformable as I don’t like to bear too much flesh!

Shop the dress > here

Shop the scarf > here

new years eve dress

I think getting ready for a night out is one of the best bits. For those of you that haven’t tried Topshop beauty, I would highly recommend the below;

Topshop glow pot for the best highlighter ever! > here

new years eve inspo

last minute new years eve dress ideas

Shop the leopard print dress > here 

Other options for those New Years eve last minute dress ideas:

nye dress kim kardashian

eyelet detail dress

sequin new years eve dress