Dare to flare

Do you dare to flare? 

I think wearing flares is quite a bold fashion statement. 
For me anyway I certainly needed to pluck up a little courage as they are a little out of my ‘fashion comfort zone’.  

I have never been the biggest fan of flares to say the least…  however when coming across this little co-ord set I thought why not give it a go & I am glad I did as I have completely changed my opinion on them.  

I love how they lengthen the look of your legs dramatically and the flare also makes your legs look slimmer.

It’s nice for once to have a change from the standard slim or skinny fit trousers that we all live in. 

Opt for a pair of flares if you want to stand out a bit from the crowd, as although they have become a lot more popular with the re-birth of the 70s trend, they are still not commonly seen out and about. 

My whole outfit is from Boohoo – the choker is attached to the top and came all together with the flares for £20 – YES £20! 

Top & Trouser Co-Ord set: Boohoo 

Bag: Boohoo 

Shoes: Missguided 


Underwear as outerwear

Wearing underwear as outerwear is one of my favourite trends – I love anything satin, lace or strappy.

Lace slips, mesh, bralets, harnesses & extreme plunge necks – items that usually would only be seen in the bedroom or on Halloween are now totally acceptable to wear for a trip into town!

Let’s not lie, most girls love to dress up and feel sexy, so what’s better than flashing a bit of underwear all in the name of fashion?!

If you got it – flaunt it!

Simply add a plain tee over a satin lace trim slip dress for a stylish twist to your outfit.

Another way to master this trend is to wear an open/low cut shirt/top with a harness or bralet underneath.

 What is so nice about this trend is the contrasting look you can achieve, whilst wearing casual and comfortable clothing you can add a whole new dimension by simply bearing your lacey undergarments!


Of course I’m not suggesting to go ahead and start flashing your suspenders and panties…. all in moderation n’ all that!

Still loving my leather sock boots from Zara, unfortunately these are no longer for sale but they have a similar brown pair currently in-store. Or simply head to public desire for an almost identical pair!

You are not going to believe where this gorgeous little bag is from… *drum role*……… Primark!

Literally popped in the other day and happened across this beauty! I can’t remember exactly but think it was about £6 Madness! Keeping true to my affordable style theme 😉

T-shirt: H&M

Lace slip dress: ASOS

Bag: Primark

Boots: Zara (sold out)

Similar: Public Desire


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In the nude

Who doesn’t love being in the nude?!

I have become a bit of a collector of bomber jackets & all things nude, so this two-tone camel bomber was a must have on my most recent Missguided haul.

 The contrast satin two-tone sets it aside from your standard bomber jacket and adds a more dressy feel to your outfit.   

I have styled it with this cute  white 3 piece from Miss Pap.

Miss Pap is offering you 10% off of any purchase if you enter the code TOULA10 at checkout

Nude bomber jacket: Missguided

White 3 piece: Miss Pap

Boots: Public Desire


Do what you love, love what you do

Do what you love, love what you do 

Growing up, I was always very set in what I wanted to do. For me, it wasn’t about just getting a degree and straight into a job that I knew was going to earn me a lot of money. Happiness was and always will be my priority. 

I knew I wanted to work in fashion and wouldn’t settle for anything less. I studied Fashion Marketing at the University of Southampton and have worked in various roles in fashion ever since. 

My advice and experience in preparing for and entering the fashion industry is a whole other ball game so keep your eyes peeled for a separate post on this. 

Back to happiness – I read a quote recently that said ‘Happiness comes from within, and it is entirely up to you to create your own’. Whilst I agree it does come from within, happiness also comes from many other aspects in your life such as the environment you live in, factors affecting your life and the people you surround yourself with. 

I have been lucky, in that I have lived a happy, healthy and comfortable life thus far. It is so good to say it and to realize how happy I actually am right now (Contrary to how I look in my photos, which my mum keeps telling me to smile in haha!) 

However coming into 2016, there was a little fire in my belly that said ‘I want more’. Something inside of me just made me feel super motivated and positive about life and my goals. 

I want to make this year the best yet. And every year after that even better. The only way to do that is to strive to do things that make you happy. 


Setting yourself goals is a great way to motivate yourself and help monitor your achievements. It can be something so small like ‘grow my hair longer’ to ‘run a marathon’, but it just makes you feel so good when you achieve that goal. 

My main goal for 2016 was to start focusing on something I love – fashion blogging. 

I started my blog on February 15th 2016 and am so excited at how it has grown in a short period of time and what the future will bring.

I think starting a blog can take a lot of courage. There is no question that you will be judged – positively or negatively, people will have their opinions. 

Blogging is one of those things that a lot of people don’t understand, so many friends and family have asked what it is and what’s the point? 

The point is I love fashion and blogging is a way for me to channel that love and passion and it makes me happy. Simples. 

Work hard, play hard and chase those dreams. 

Silver bomber jacket: Miss Pap 

(use code TOULA10 for 10% off your order)

White ribbed jumper: Missguided (sold out)

Blush slinky culottes: Missguided 

Nude chain stiletto heels: Missguided 

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Birthday Weekend

Birthday weekend

It was my Birthday on the 30th April so I thought I would do a little post to share with you what I got up to!

On the Thursday 28th I tried out Gordon Ramsay’s sushi restaurant Maze in Mayfair, London with a few of my friends for an early Birthday celebration.

I have got to say the food was absolutely delicious – I can not recommend the spicy tuna rolls enough!

On the Friday morning I had a lovely brunch in good ol’ Bills in Covent garden.

My watch is the Gold Kensington chain watch from Abbott Lyon.

Get £25 off any watch by using my code ‘TOULAROSE25’ at checkout.

(Please note this code is only valid until 29th May) 


On my actual Birthday I actually had no idea what I was up to – my boyfriend had planned it all.

We went to a cute wildlife park – so we were lucky with the weather as against all weather forecasting odds the sun decided to shine pretty much all day 🙂

After that we turned at up at where we stayed for the night. The stunning 5* Hanbury Manor hotel. I had to use a couple of the photos from the website as my pictures did not do it justice!

We ate at the hotel for lunch and for dinner – the truffled mac and cheese was delicious. I can never resist anything that has truffle as an ingredient.  

Special thanks to the staff for singing me Happy Birthday at dinner much to my embarrassment!

Cute little cup cake and chocolates waiting for me with a card when I got to the room.

Sorry about the lack of fashion related photos! I didn’t take my canon so the quality isn’t great at all.

Check out my instagram to see where this Kim K inspired look is from.

On the Sunday we made the most of the good weather and had a walk around the grounds. They were so beautiful and have little secret gardens and areas to explore.

Finally before heading home we stopped off at a cute little pub and had lunch outside and it was so tasty. Honey and Thyme camembert with garlic prawns and duck spring rolls!

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