Athletic Accents – The January edit with John Lewis

So this January, just like pretty much everyone else – I have been getting my athletic gear on and working out more! I’m working towards getting super fit and healthy again as I feel I have slacked a bit over the last few months!

John Lewis have put together a beautiful January Edit of ‘Athletic Accents’, basically a collection of some of the best work out gear alongside trendy pieces which have a sporty/luxe vibe to them.

calvin klein jumper

athletic sporty style

I picked out a couple of pieces from Calvin Klein including this comfortable sweater. It is nice and light so great to wear when I’m heading to the gym but also perfect for a casual day-wear outfit. I find that when you really just don’t feel like dressing up and want to be comfortable, that opting for something a bit athletic like some gym leggings and a sweatshirt just hits the spot!

I adore their sports bras and underwear too as they are so comfortable I tend to wear them all the time not even just when I’m working out!

calvin klein underwear

Shop the bra > here

Shop the pants > here

I’ve put together a few more bits from my favourites of their edit below

athletic trainers

What I’m loving – Lace up T-shirts and dresses

denim jacket style I have been absolutely loving lace up t-shirts and dresses recently. Especially printed tees like a lace up band tee or one like this tiger dress I’m wearing.

Again I think it’s down to the contrast as it’s almost like it shouldn’t be there! (if you read my previous posts you know I love the whole opposites and contrasting in clothing such as mixing casual with dressy) & I personally think the same goes for these popular lace up t-shirts and dresses that are in fashion at the moment. A printed T-shirt is something that is traditionally quite casual, but when you cut it down low to reveal cleavage and add a corset style sexy lace up details it totally changes the look and dresses it up.

lace up dress

I’m a little bit obsessed with these boots at the moment. They are beautiful & I love that they actually fit my legs and don’t fall down! (Nearly all high boots I buy are usually really baggy on my legs but these are just perfect!)

lace up tee

I know I look like I’m asleep in the above picture but I promise you I’m not haha.

If you like the bits I’m wearing you can shop my post below & don’t forget I regularly update the shop page at the top of my blog with all my instagram looks so you can shop them too!

My lace up t-shirt is from Lasula Boutique > here 

You can get 24% off with my code TOULA24 (valid until the end of Jan)

Shop my boots > here 

I’m currently in bed after a pretty restful weekend and am preparing for a busy week ahead! Tomorrow (Monday) is the only day I actually have to work at home as Tuesday-Friday I am in London every day for meetings and events so I need to get a restful sleep tonight and prepare for the non-stop!

Would you guys be interested in a day to day vlog or post on a typical day of mine? Comment below if so 🙂

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My Fashion Lookbook – my current favourite looks

I thought I would do something different today and share a lookbook of my week’s past looks!

All have literally been worn within the last 7/8 days and differ from dressy to casual sports wear.

One day I can feel like dressing up and the next day all I want to wear is a big baggy jumper and some comfy jeans so my looks are quite different!

fashion blogger lookbook

I absolutely love this tie-dye T-shirt dress from MissPap shop it here

You can get money off anything from their site with my code ‘TOULA10″ and trust me they have some amazing stuff in at the moment! <3

The denim jacket I got in Amsterdam from a vintage store.

The bag of dreams from VVAHandbags 

I literally fell in love with that bag the moment I saw it it’s so beautiful and unique and gorgeous quality.

My jumper dress is from Misspap direct link to it here 

Don’t forget my code TOULA10 gets you money off 🙂

The boots are from Simmi Shoes 

The above dress is a gorgeous red crochet dress from Anita and Green.

I paired it with my favourite comfy jacket at the moment from Misguided. You can shop it from the shop page at the top of my blog page (and also at the bottom of this post I will do a little shop the post of my lookbook in the clickable pictures) 
I I think the above was my favourite outfit of my fashion lookbook from the week, it was so cold and I was going into Central London for a couple of beauty appointments and some dinner with my boyfriend.

The oversized jumper is from a brand called Cats got the cream. 

Jack Wills have just launched their new sportswear and it is so nice! The sports bra is really high impact which is great, especially for girls with bigger boobs will know working out problems! So having a bra that can hold you in place and keep you conformable is great. I also really liked it because even though it provided the support, it is so comfortable! I actually ended up wearing it as a bra the other day because it felt so good. I would definitely go and check out their new stuff > here 

and shop the bra I’m wearing > here 

Band T-Shirts – My favourite outfit choice

For anyone that knows me, they will know that I absolutely love band t-shirts and literally wear them all the time! They have massively come into fashion in the past couple of years, which is such a weird trend but I love it as it means there are so many cool tees readily available to buy so I can add to my collection. acdc band t-shirt dress

Now I know a lot of people wear band t-shirts just because they are a trend, but I genuinely have always loved these tees and believe it or not, when I was a teenager I was massively into the Rock/Metal scene and spent far too much time in Camden at these gigs! Can’t say I was a heavy mosh ‘pitter’ but I was certainly there bopping my little head haha.

Anyhow, I love wearing the tees for a lot of reasons. Firstly, they have a lot of cool designs on them and I love a good ol’ printed t-shirt. Secondly, they are so comfortable. Thirdly, they are so easy to style and instantly make a nice outfit & finally – I love the look you can achieve as a girl wearing a band tee and dressing it up with something like heels or a choker. I love a good contrast look, and would probably say is what my style is the most. Mixing clothes to achieve these contrasts: (old/new) (casual/dressy) (feminine/boyish)

metal band t-shirt

I’ve heard people make comments before about how if you were a true music lover you would only buy the official merch tees. In my response, I do buy a lot of the official merch but there is licensing involved in these brands like Missguided creating ACDC band t-shirts which means there is still some sort of payment to the still existing bands. Also, it’s promotion and support which is great!

band t-shirt/dress

Literally the millisecond I saw these dress on the Missguided site I knew I had to have it. I LOVE it! I’m really sorry for any of you guys that want to buy it as I think it’s sold out even though it was just new in, but I’d definitely keep an eye out as they often restock pieces that were really popular.

I’ve put together a little guide of some of my favourite band t-shirts:


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New Years Eve last minute dress ideas

If you are looking for New Years Eve last minute dress ideas then look no further. I’ve put together this post in collaboration with Topshop to give you babes the ultimate inspo for your dresses! From super simple, to glamorous, affordable to price – I’ve got you covered.

All the images are clickable so just click to be directed straight through to the dress in the picture 🙂

Pretty much every dress I’ve linked is currently in the sale 50% off or more so grab yourself a bargain <3

Happy Shopping and have a fabulous New Years!

bodycon toyshop dress

pink bodycon dress

topshop bodycon dress

When I saw this scarf in Topshop I instantly fell in love and could not resist buying it. It is so cute and pink and fluffy I just am obsessed with how pretty it is. I paired it with this pink bodycon dress as I loved the fit of the dress and how the pink tones complemented each other. I always love opting for completely colour matching an outfit as I think it is a total fashion statement and makes you stand out when you are head to toe in one colour.

I like the dress as it has a high neck and sits below your knees so makes me feel quite conformable as I don’t like to bear too much flesh!

Shop the dress > here

Shop the scarf > here

new years eve dress

I think getting ready for a night out is one of the best bits. For those of you that haven’t tried Topshop beauty, I would highly recommend the below;

Topshop glow pot for the best highlighter ever! > here

new years eve inspo

last minute new years eve dress ideas

Shop the leopard print dress > here 

Other options for those New Years eve last minute dress ideas:

nye dress kim kardashian

eyelet detail dress

sequin new years eve dress