Daybreak hotel stay in London!

Let’s talk taking a daybreak at a daybreak hotel.

So, it’s 2018 and let’s be honest, time isn’t slowing down and neither are we. Everything and everyone just seems to be getting more and more busy. This may just be called getting older. Either way, I find myself constantly having a to do list the length of me!

Being a blogger is an amazing job, but I have to say sometimes it can be pretty hectic. A day in London can include meetings, shooting several outfits and attending press days and events, all travelling all over London to do so. I can tell you I both love and hate my mini suitcase, great as it really is a lot easier than carrying a heavy bag but also the bane of my life dragging up and down the tube stairs and getting disapproving looks from people as I squeeze it onto the already full train.

And then it came to me…. why not organise a stay at a Daybreak hotel? It’s quite literally what it says on the tin, a day stay!

daybreak hotel stay

Basically a home away from home, a base for the day shall we say. Oh has it changed my life! It was amazing to be able to check in, in the morning, and do my makeup and get sorted in London so I looked and felt more fresh rather than doing it early before I’d done the busy commute.

So the other day I stayed at Novotel London Canary Wharf and it is such a beautiful hotel! I genuinely felt like I was on holiday for some reason, it just had a proper holiday vibe I really didn’t feel like I was in England.

As well as having a busy day I also wanted to have a fun day and make use of the daybreak stay in both a business and leisure way, so I organised one of the things London is known best for – a rooftop lunch. If you ever in London I would highly recommend you check out one as the views are just stunning.

I had lunch at the restaurant on the roof of the Novotel and was blown away with how beautiful it was.



After then having a couple of meetings it was amazing to come back to my room and freshen up and change outfits before heading out to shoot a few looks around Canary Wharf. I made sure to grab a coffee and then head down to the water, it is so pretty and clean around Canary Wharf – a must to visit!



After shooting I headed back to the room and literally just relaxed for an hour! Went down to the pool and just chilled.


To finish off an amazing day, and just be a typical British in London I went out for one of my favourite things to do – afternoon tea!

There are so many amazing places to go to for this, but I went to my favourite which is Sketch London as it is so pretty in there and the food is insane.


All in all it was an amazing day and made my hectic work life in London that bit better, especially as I got to make it a fun day out combined with doing a few work bits. Even living in London all this time I still feel like a tourist when I explore and I just love to do typically British things!

I will definitely be using DayBreak hotels

 a lot more!


Be sure to check them out > here  

They’re not just limited to London you can book in lots of other big cities in England as well as other countries too 🙂


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