How to afford Luxury Designer Bags on a budget

how to afford designer bags

So today’s post is all about how to afford luxury designer bags if you are on a budget or just wanting to save yourself some money!

Believe it or not, there are plenty of ways to purchase designer bags without paying the full retail price for them.

You’d be surprised at the sort of bargains that are actually available out there. Being a BIG lover of designer bags I have for years been adding to my collection and discovering exciting little places to buy these bags and I am going to be sharing my secrets today with you lucky lot!

I’m not saying I haven’t paid full price for items and got them for the brands themselves because I have and I do love doing so. There is something very exciting about visiting these beautiful stores and picking out your item and receiving it in it’s beautiful packages with the dust bags, boxing and bag. However of course not all of us can afford to do that, or want to spend that kind of money which is why I have made today’s post!

chanel bucket bag

I recently came across an instagram page that sells beautiful designer handbags at a very affordable price.

I was lucky enough to receive the beautiful red suede Gucci bag from them and the Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis bag.

They sell items at a big discounted price from full retail price so be sure to check them out. Their instagram page is > worldofbags 

They have pretty much any bag you could wish for. Due to the fact they sell through instagram you make payment either over the phone or via bank transfer, but their delivery is super fast!

If you mention you have visited them after seeing my blog, and end up purchasing anything from them they will gift you with a free purse/wallet to match your bag! Just quote ‘Toula Rose’

gucci red suede dionsyus

louis vuitton pochette metis bag  louis vuitton agenda

Another AMAZING way to afford designer bags would be to buy them second hand.

I have got both this 100% genuine Louis Vuitton agenda diary and this beautiful backpack from an eBay seller who sells hundreds of second hand designer items. They have it all from vintage Chanel’s to pretty much brand new perfect condition Louis/Saint Laurent etc!

My favoured ebay seller is: Quality from Japan

I honestly couldn’t recommend them enough for designer items, they are so affordable!

Just have a look below at my gorgeous backpack I got from them!


louis vuitton backpack

Be sure to check them out if you want a safe way of buying bags that you know will be authentic and you know you are protected by eBay and by Paypal!

red suede gucci bag


Another great place to buy designer bags other than eBay that I would really recommend would be the Vestiaire Collective 

They are an official second hand designer luxury goods site, the only thing about them is you may pay a little more than if you were to get your stuff on ebay.

I hope you guys enjoyed the post!

Happy Bag shopping!



  1. July 20, 2017 / 7:49 am

    One of the things that a lot of people wants to buy is bag. I am sure this information will help them a lot. Great idea for sharing!

  2. Izzy
    January 29, 2018 / 4:27 pm

    These are gorgggeeouuusss but let’s be honest Chanel is heaven, and life, and literally just everything. Im really lucky that I actually have two Chanel bags – but literally I swear all my money goes on clothes (much to the dismay of my bank account)! I blame Carrie Bradshaw for my absolute adoration of all things designer! But alas I do not have a Mr.Big to help buy me a designer wardrobe haha – oh well a girl can dream! Honestly though – quick tip for my fellow shopaholics – I know it sounds risky but honestly buying second-hand can genuinely be a lifesaver. I know Ebay and stuff is a bit dodge with knowing whats authentic but you can use other sites that work as an ebay type thing. I used this site for example called HEWI ( and they’ve always been great when I go through them 🙂 I know some people prefer to buy things first hand from the shop and everything (which I totally get because in an ideal world id be the same), but it’s a good site for those on a smaller living wage (aka me). Anyways hopes this helps – let me know if anyone knows any other ways to get discount designer bags and clothes – I’m always on the look out haha x

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