London Fashion Week – AW 17 | what I wore

london fashion week Hi guys! Apologies for the delay on my London Fashion Week post but alas it’s here!

I have attended a few fashion weeks before, but this was my first London Fashion Week as a blogger 🙂 I have been blogging just under a year now and last season I was away on holiday so I was super excited to experience it this AW 17!

Unfortunately I didn’t photograph all of it, I just filmed short videos which I uploaded onto my snapchat and instagram story so I can’t share any pictures of what I saw.. silly me!. But I can show you pictures of the most interesting part (my outfits! haha)

The above outfit was all Missguided.

fashion bloggers

I met my friend and fellow blogger Emma and we went together to a few presentations and then headed to the Blogger hangout!

I then met another couple of bloggers and went to the Fantome – Malan Breton show which was one of my favourite!

Such great designs and the music was amazing so it really set such a romantic mood.

See below a few of my favourite looks:

Friday’s outfit:

london fashion week outfit inso

The above was my first day outfit all from Pretty Little Thing and the shoes were from Public Desire.

I only attended 3 days out of the 5 – as much as I love fashion I don’t love walking around in London all day from show to show in heels so was happy with doing just 3 days haha 🙂

Monday’s outfit:

london fashion week

I think by Monday I was literally just wanting to be comfortable and have easy to walk in shoes and not be cold!

As the other days my feet were literally killing so I opted for a more casual look!

Anyway guys that is it for this London Fashion Week outfits. I hope you guys liked them!

Next season I will be sure to take more pictures of the collections that I saw so that I can share them with you too.. perhaps I will even do a vlog!

P.S. If you didn’t know, I have started a YouTube channel where I post weekly a mixture of fashion, beauty and lifestyle videos.

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