Easy Date Night Dressing with PrettyLittleThing

black lace up body con dress

Once again it’s that time of year and Valentines day is right round the corner. For many people, it’s a date to look forward to and for others it’s a dreaded day. I personally think people get too obsessed over it, if you have someone to celebrate it with, then great! If you are single, then so what?! Celebrate being single and independent! As long as you are happy in yourself then Valentines day is all what you make it!

Today’s post is all about easy date night dressing in collaboration with the absolutely babes PrettyLittleThing.

Whether you’re dressing up for a date with a partner, or a date with your mum, there’s no excuse to not slay your outfit! 😉 I always say I don’t dress up or do make-up or anything for anyone else – it’s all about feeling happy and confident with yourself when you look in the mirror.

rose gold heels

How adorable are these rose gold beauties?  They have a slight foil effect to them, which is unusual as I have no other heels like it. I love shoes with a thick heel like this as firstly it makes them more stable and supportive when you wear them, and also makes them more versatile as they aren’t super delicate but not too chunky if you know what I mean..

crystal choker

crystal choker

I’m not afraid to say it but I am the QUEEN of chokers. I think I probably wear them 99% of the time, I have so many it’s ridiculous & this beautiful crystal choker is by far my favourite I have ever owned!

It pretty much speaks for itself as you can see. I loved to pair it with this dress as it really makes it quite formal, however I would also wear this choker with a big oversized jumper or something, it doesn’t just need to be worn with something smart.

Shop it > here

date night dress

As most girls will agree, you just cannot go wrong with an LBD. I love these bodycon dress as it really enhances your shape and I was really surprised with the quality of the material as the dress was only £45! Shop it > here 

Now I’ve just got to say, even though I am sure I have mentioned several times on my blog that I absolutely LOVE PrettyLittleThing. They are one of my absolute go-tos for everything from dresses for a night out, for shoes or even lingerie! See below a few of my favourite lingerie picks at the moment.

And shop my outfit I’m wearing below


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