What I’m loving – Lace up T-shirts and dresses

denim jacket style I have been absolutely loving lace up t-shirts and dresses recently. Especially printed tees like a lace up band tee or one like this tiger dress I’m wearing.

Again I think it’s down to the contrast as it’s almost like it shouldn’t be there! (if you read my previous posts you know I love the whole opposites and contrasting in clothing such as mixing casual with dressy) & I personally think the same goes for these popular lace up t-shirts and dresses that are in fashion at the moment. A printed T-shirt is something that is traditionally quite casual, but when you cut it down low to reveal cleavage and add a corset style sexy lace up details it totally changes the look and dresses it up.

lace up dress

I’m a little bit obsessed with these boots at the moment. They are beautiful & I love that they actually fit my legs and don’t fall down! (Nearly all high boots I buy are usually really baggy on my legs but these are just perfect!)

lace up tee

I know I look like I’m asleep in the above picture but I promise you I’m not haha.

If you like the bits I’m wearing you can shop my post below & don’t forget I regularly update the shop page at the top of my blog with all my instagram looks so you can shop them too!

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I’m currently in bed after a pretty restful weekend and am preparing for a busy week ahead! Tomorrow (Monday) is the only day I actually have to work at home as Tuesday-Friday I am in London every day for meetings and events so I need to get a restful sleep tonight and prepare for the non-stop!

Would you guys be interested in a day to day vlog or post on a typical day of mine? Comment below if so 🙂

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