Band T-Shirts – My favourite outfit choice

For anyone that knows me, they will know that I absolutely love band t-shirts and literally wear them all the time! They have massively come into fashion in the past couple of years, which is such a weird trend but I love it as it means there are so many cool tees readily available to buy so I can add to my collection. acdc band t-shirt dress

Now I know a lot of people wear band t-shirts just because they are a trend, but I genuinely have always loved these tees and believe it or not, when I was a teenager I was massively into the Rock/Metal scene and spent far too much time in Camden at these gigs! Can’t say I was a heavy mosh ‘pitter’ but I was certainly there bopping my little head haha.

Anyhow, I love wearing the tees for a lot of reasons. Firstly, they have a lot of cool designs on them and I love a good ol’ printed t-shirt. Secondly, they are so comfortable. Thirdly, they are so easy to style and instantly make a nice outfit & finally – I love the look you can achieve as a girl wearing a band tee and dressing it up with something like heels or a choker. I love a good contrast look, and would probably say is what my style is the most. Mixing clothes to achieve these contrasts: (old/new) (casual/dressy) (feminine/boyish)

metal band t-shirt

I’ve heard people make comments before about how if you were a true music lover you would only buy the official merch tees. In my response, I do buy a lot of the official merch but there is licensing involved in these brands like Missguided creating ACDC band t-shirts which means there is still some sort of payment to the still existing bands. Also, it’s promotion and support which is great!

band t-shirt/dress

Literally the millisecond I saw these dress on the Missguided site I knew I had to have it. I LOVE it! I’m really sorry for any of you guys that want to buy it as I think it’s sold out even though it was just new in, but I’d definitely keep an eye out as they often restock pieces that were really popular.

I’ve put together a little guide of some of my favourite band t-shirts:


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