Dressing up with Denim

 Today’s post is all about styling and dressing UP your denim! 

Denim is of course an absolute fashion staple piece and it would be hard to find someone that doesn’t own at least one piece of denim in their wardrobe. 

Denim is traditionally known as of a more casual dress down clothing style, however my post today is the complete opposite of that! 

I have styled my loose fitting denim jacket with a completely dressy ‘out out’ style dress and some killer heels. 

 I really love the contrast of ‘old and new’ – be it in interiors or clothing. There is a real beauty in mixing opposites together, such as my other posts when I have mixed really sporty casual clothes with something super smart. 

Denim is so versatile, you really don’t just need to wear it in a casual way, it looks great dressed up too! 

I also love wearing loose boyfriend style ripped jeans with a smart top and heels to give a perfect balance to my outfit. 

Jacket: Topshop 

Dress: Missguided 

Shoes: Missguided 

Choker: Liquid Reign 

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